How to add Recording Groups to MythTV

Assigning Recording Groups to your recordings gives you great flexibility when it comes to organising your recordings into different folders. It's not very intuitive how you set up and maintain recording groups in MythTV so here's how:

Assuming you're using a gnome desktop either directly or via VNC then go into the MythTV frontend (Applications -> Sound & Video) and select Manage Recordings.
Next select Upcoming Recordings. Highlight a recording and press the "i" key.
Then from the menu which is now displayed press Enter on the Storage Options option. Then select the Include in the "Default" recording group option and scroll up to Create a new recording group. Type in a suitable name and click OK. You can repeat this step for as many new recording groups as you need.

Once you've created a bunch of different Recording Groups you can then assign these Groups to your recordings either directly via the MythTV Front-End or via MythWeb.

I'm using Recording Groups as the main folders to allow me to organise the recordings to suit my needs:

  • Childrens (the recording group)

    • Engie Benjy (the show title)
          2009-05-10-Far out.mpg (the episode)
          2009-05-11-One Step Closer.mpg

    • Chucklevision
          2009-05-10-Silence is golden.mpg
          2009-05-11-On the Hoof.mpg

  • Mums

    • Cash in the Attic
          2009-05-10-Peter Shilton.mpg
          2009-05-11-Frank Carson.mpg

    • Desperate Housewives

  • Dads

    • Top Gear

    • Traffic Cops
          2009-05-10-Cheating Death.mpg
          2009-05-11-Cameras Don't Lie.mpg

As I've mentioned previously, organising things this way means my children can select "Childrens" from the streamer menus and they will be presented with only the recordings they're interested in. My wife can select "Mums" and will only get to see hers.

If everything was organised by Show Title, for example, then they'd each have to trawl through endless lists of programmes that are of no interest to them.

Since I'm not using the MythTV Front-end to watch the TV Shows that have been recorded via MythTV there are a couple of other options which you might find of interest:

Give your recordings a human readable filename

Convert your recordings to another format using nuvexport


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