Tools needed to configure and administer Ubuntu Server

Now we've got Ubuntu Server installed we need a way to be able to administer it. This will allow us to configure it and tweak it so it works exactly the way we want it to.

Firstly we're going to Install Putty. This is perhaps the most commonly used tool for administering Ubuntu Server. It is however a "command line" tool so we'll be needing to learn a few Linux commands. Well, you don't actually have to learn anything, you just need to be able to read and be able to copy 'n' paste. I've done all the learning for you!

For the Windows veterans amongst us we're going to Install VNC. This provides a "virtual" desktop interface. It works almost the same way as if you'd installed the Ubuntu Desktop version instead of Ubuntu Server and were sitting in front of your server. The virtual desktop sessions are persistent meaning they are saved even after shutting down the computer you're running VNC from.

Perhaps the most friendly and flexible way of administering Ubuntu Server is to Install Webmin. Typical tasks are adding and partitioning drives and creating users and shares

Sooner or later you'll need to get to grips with Linux file permissions so I've put together a quick overview. Another thing you'll probably find handy at some point are Symbolic Links.

If you would like your shiny new server to be the host for multiple virtual machines then the How to Install and Configure KVM guide will come in handy. If you go down this route then you'll probably need to Install and Configure NFS so that your virtual machines have access to the storage on the host machine.

I've previously shied away from implementing RAID on my server since I could not find a solution to suit my needs. That all changed after I discovered SnapRAID.

Lastly, since our server will live in a cupboard we need to ensure it does not overheat. So, I've provided some scripts to Monitor internal temperatures and to save on running costs and noise you can spin down idle drives.

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